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Consign with Evergreen Kids Thrift

Consigning is a fantastic way to declutter your kids' closets and feel good about where their clothing is going. You can read more about why shopping preloved is an excellent choice here.

I rely on amazing local consignors like you to fill the shop with quality kids’ clothing.  If you're interested in consigning with me, please don't hesitate to reach out! I pick up for FREE within 45km of Picton, Ontario.

I am taking on: 

  • Newborn to 12T clothing in good condition. 
  • Sleep bags, sacks, and swaddles.
  • Outdoor Wear (snow suits, rain jackets and pants, and boots) in great  condition.
  • Footwear if in excellent (not used or hardly used) condition. No big box store brands are taken for shoes. 
  • Winter boots in excellent condition. 

Evergreen Kids does not accept:  

  • Socks, underwear, accessories. If they are new with a tag, I can take them to donate to local charities on your behalf.
  • Pat Pat, Zulilly,Shein etc. online fast fashion brands. 
  • Big Box discount retailer brands. ( Giant Tiger, Walmart, George brand, Monkey Bars, etc.)  Carter's I will take on selectively. 

I partner with Raising A Village Quinte along with other local charities to ensure the clothing I don't consign or sell's live span doesn't end on a hanger.  I'm  happy to pick up and donate any items that I won't take on to charity on your behalf (as long as they are in good condition, of course!)

If you are ever uncertain of the condition of an item, or have a clothing item not listed above that you think might interest me, please ask.

How Consignment Works

Step 1: Consignment Collection

Once you’ve decided to bag, box, or bundle clothing, I offer FREE pickup i withina 45km radius of Picton.

You don't need to sort. You don't need to organize. I just ask that you provide clean clothing in a manageable fashion. If you don't have bins to use let me know and you can borrow some of mine. 

If you are outside of my pick up range, or if having me come to you isn’t ideal, we can arrange a drop off; I’m located 8 minutes outside of Picton at 994 County Road 5.  Please have at least 20 items for pick up.

Step 2: Assessment Of Consignment Items

Usually I get back to you on what items I can take on and what I can't within 4 business days.

I don't pay outright for items (see getting paid). This allows me to take on more of your items, and try harder to ensure they find new homes. 

Any items not consigned you have 9 days from assessment to pick up or them directly toraisingavillagequinte.org or another local charity.Any items not picked up within nine days of notice of assessment will be donated.

Step 3: Pricing 

Evergreen Kids Thrift reserves the sole right to set prices on your consigned articles. You can learn more about this process by reaching out for my consignment agreement. 

When your items are sold,your account receives 30% of the selling price, excluding taxes. 

Step 4: Consignment Period 

I currently sell through three avenues: mywebsite,Instagram, and my physical shop.  You can learn more about the consignment period in my contract. 

Step 5: Getting Paid 

At the end of each month I will email you if your sales have passed more than $25 in profit. You are then given the option to have me ‘hold’ the profit, have it paid out by e-transfer, or to donate all or a portion to a local charity.  I will check in every 4 months if you choose to hold rather than receive a payout. 

You can always email me to check your balance at any time! 






Unconsigned and Unsold Items 

Sadly there are going to be pieces that you place for me to assess that just won’t sell, no matter how hard I market them.  It’s a bummer, but there are still a lot of options to help clothes avoid the landfill. 

With any items I choose not to consign, you can choose to either pick them up or donate them through Evergreen Kids Thrift to Raising A Village Quinte or other local charities that I work with. If my assessment deems that there is no wear left in an item, those items are earmarked for textile recycling or upcycling at no cost OR profit for you. 

If donating any items I choose to not consign does not interest you, you will need to pick up your items within 9 days of their assessment being completed. If items are not picked up within 9 days, Evergreen Kids Thrift reserves the right to consider the clothing donated.

All consigned items that do not sell will be discounted to sell, donated, or saved for a following season. There is no option for the consignor to pick up items that have been listed, consigned, or stored for another season.

Community Support

This community plays a big part in why I created Evergreen Kids Thrift. Our community has many wonderful organizations that provide essential support and services to children, families, and caregivers. 

There are two ways you can help support our community through Evergreen. 

One is by donating your items that I do not consign to Raising a Village or other local charities via Evergreen Kids Thrift. 

Another is by choosing to have your profit share donated to our monthly charities This has included: Alternatives for Women,Raising a Village Quinte,Reaching 4 Rainbows, All Welcome Here to name a few.

If you support local charities and nonprofits that would benefit from these sales and/or kid clothing donations, please don’t hesitate to let me know.